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"Who Is This Guy?" - Batman (1989)

The middle child of 3 siblings, 27 year old Phillip Michael Thomas, (named after famous actor Philip Michael Thomas), is a unique music artist & songwriter. 

"Question #1: What they call you where you from?" - Nipsey Hussle

     He hails from Cleveland, Ohio, home of the 2016 NBA Champions and Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame; He still resides there. The self proclaimed weirdo chose his stage name, Phyll Thomas, after changing it from Phyll Myke Tom in reference to his full name, but soon realized Phyll Thomas was much easier for others to say.

"When & Where Did The Dream Appear?" - Unknown

     At the age of 14, Phyll began writing raps as just a hobby. It wasn't until the age of 17, he started making music after watching his talented older brother FreshMan become an artist; It didn't take long for Phyll to follow in his footsteps.

Why Choose Music?

     For Phyll, writing, creating & performing has become therapy. It is now a tool to enhance a positive outlook & a mental escape from the negativity in the world when necessary. He has developed the skill to express himself through music in high hopes, that out of the 7 billion + people in the world, that there's a decent percentage of individuals  crazy enough to relate and enjoy his diverse sound.

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